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All Services

Offered By County Departments

(This is a partial list and will grow as more options are added to the website)

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Service Department
911 Response Service 9-1-1 CentralDispatch
Accident reports Sheriff's Office
Address issuance Equalization
Aerial photographs Equalization
Animal control / adoption Animal Control
Assumed business names (DBAs) County Clerk
B ...  
Birth certificates and records County Clerk
Budget, annual county Administrator
C ...  
Concealed weapons permits County Clerk
Condominium Documents Regsiter of Deeds
Conservatorships appointments Probate Court
Construction permits Building
Construction inspection Building
Corrections / Jail Sheriff's Office
CPR Training Emergency MedicalServices
Criminal investigations Sheriff's Office
D ...  
DARE Program Sheriff's Office
DBAs (assumed business names) County Clerk
DBA dissolution certificates County Clerk
Death certificates and records County Clerk
Deeds Regsiter of Deeds
Delinquent tax administration Treasurer
Demolition permits Building
Detective Bureau Sheriff's Office
Disaster / emergency recovery Emergency Management
Dog licenses Treasurer
E ...  
Election supervision County Clerk
Electronics collections Recycling
Emergency dispatching 9-1-1 CentralDispatch
Emergency medical services
and programs
Emergency MedicalServices
Emergency Operations Center Emergency Management
Emergency Operations Plan Emergency Management
Employment at the County Administrator
Equalization reports Equalization
G ...  
Gas and oil leases Regsiter of Deeds
Genealogy requests County Clerk
General ledger maintenance Treasurer
Grant administration Treasurer
Guardianships appointments Probate Court
H ...  
Handgun purchase license Sheriff's Office
Hazardous waste collections Recycling
J ...  
Jail / Corrections Sheriff's Office
L ...  
Liaison to Board of
Commissioners with the public
Liens Regsiter of Deeds
M ...  
Marriage licenses County Clerk
Mentally ill commitment Probate Court
Michigan State Transfer Tax Regsiter of Deeds
Military discharge orders County Clerk
Millage rates Equalization
Mortgages Regsiter of Deeds
N ...  
Natural Hazards Mitigation
Emergency Management
Naturalization records County Clerk
Notary public County Clerk
O ...  
Oil and gas leases Regsiter of Deeds
P ...  
Parcel descriptions & values Equalization
Parcel maps Equalization
Partnership certificates County Clerk
Passports Regsiter of Deeds
Patents Regsiter of Deeds
Planning & zoning information Planning Commission
Plats Regsiter of Deeds
Probate of estates Probate Court
Property sales information Equalization
Property tax foreclosures Treasurer
Property taxes Treasurer
R ...  
Recycling Recycling
Remonumentation Program Surveyor's Office
Rights of way Regsiter of Deeds
Road and highway patrol Sheriff's Office
S ...  
School Resource Officer Sheriff's Office
Solid waste collection Solid Waste
Summer taxes collection Treasurer
Survey information for
the County and State
Surveyor's Office
Surveys Regsiter of Deeds
T ...  
Tax maps Equalization
Tax rolls Treasurer
Trust supervision Probate Court
V ...  
Veteran’s peddler licenses County Clerk
Voter registration records County Clerk
W ...  
Wills — secure, fire-proof
storage of last wills
Probate Court

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