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The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives citizens the right of access to most public records, including some records held at the Benzie County Sheriff's Office.


Consistent with Public Act 563 of 2014 amending the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a full disclosure of the Benzie County Sheriff's Office FOIA procedures can be found online at the county website.  To obtain a copy of the Benzie County Freedom of Information Act Procedures booklet and summary, please visit  www.benzieco.net listed under documents, FOIA Policy, Procedures and Guidelines.  A summary of the guideline is also available under documents, Public Summary of FOIA Procedures and Guidelines.

To obtain copies of records held at the Benzie County Sheriff's Office, make your request known to the FOIA Coordinator either in writing, by e-mail, fax, phone or in person by stating that the request you are making is a FOIA request.  A form to make a FOIA request is available for your convenience at the Benzie County Website, www.benzieco.net, listed under forms, FOIA Request for Public Records.  Most requests will be completed in the allotted five (5) business day time frame.  Should your request require a search for documents, an extension may be necessary to compile requested documents.

Some FOIA requests require a processing fee for the records.  If you have questions regarding the potential costs of your FOIA request, please contact the FOIA Coordinator or refer to the FOIA Policy, Procedures and Guidelines (available on request at the Benzie County Sheriff's Office or online at www.benzieco.net ).

FOIA Requests:

COUNTY -   Phone:  231-882-0558               FAX:  231-882-7072
E-mail FOIA Coordinator: FOIA@BENZIECO.NET
In Person: 448 Court Place, Beulah, MI

SHERIFF -   Phone:  231-882-4484 X 231      FAX:  213-882-5814
E-mail FOIA Coordinator: FOIA@benzieco.netIn Person: 505 S. Michigan Avenue, Beulah, MI


Roadway Accident reports can be obtained on line at www.authorizetransaction.com.  

Private Property Accident reports, once received by parties involved, are held at the Benzie County Sheriff’s Office and are available by FOIA request.  There may be a nominal fee for the copy of these accident reports.

Background checks can be obtained on line at www.michigan.gov/ichat



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