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All child support payments are paid out from Lansing, Michigan by the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MISDU). Support payments are sent to MISDU and then MISDU sends out the support payments to the person who gets the support.

RECEIVING SUPPORT: I am supposed to be paid support – what do I need to do to get things started?

If there is an order for you to be paid support you will either receive payments by direct deposit or by debit card. You need to send in a form to MISDU saying how you want to get your support payments. If you receive cash assistance you may not receive support payments. You may get your first payment by a paper check. Payments by paper checks stop once direct deposit is set up or a debit card is sent. The forms you need to send in can be picked up from the Friend of the Court offices, from the website for the Friend of the Court which is http://www.benzieco.net/government/19th_judicial_circuit_court/index.php, or from the MISDU website which is https://www.misdu.com/secure/default.aspx,

MAKING SUPPORT PAYMENTS: I am the payer of support – how can I make my payments?

You need to mail or bring in payments yourself directly to the Friend of the Court or the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MISDU) until your employer deducts support payments. If you are a 1099 employee or self-employed you will need to send in payments on your own.

Ways you can make payments:

1) In person at the Friend of the Court office,

2) Online through the website for MISDU which is https://www.misdu.com/secure/default.aspx,

3) By mail – mail payments directly to MISDU to: MISDU, P.O. Box 30351, Lansing, Michigan 48909-7851 – please be sure to include your case number, your name, and the county code for your case county (Benzie is FIPS 26019, Manistee 26101) is  on your check or money order – payment coupons can be printed from https://www.misdu.com/secure/default.aspx or http://www.benzieco.net/government/19th_judicial_circuit_court/index.php,

4) By income withholding order which is when your employer deducts child support payments from your paycheck and sends them directly to the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MISDU),

5) PayNearMe - this is a service which allows payment of child support to be made in cash at certain stores like 7-Eleven,Family Dollar, and CVS. There is a fee of $1.99 per payment. You can find out how to make these payments by going to the website https://www.misdu.com/secure/default.aspx


Your employer will also be sent an income withholding order, which is a court order telling your employer or source of income to deduct child support payments from your pay and mail the support payment to MISDU, MISDU will then forward the payments to the support recipient. If you change employers you will need to send in payments on your own until your new employer starts deducting support payments from your check and you will need to provide your new employer information to the Friend of the Court. Payment coupons may be printed from MISDU.com or picked up at your local FOC office.


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