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Used By Various County Departments and Committees

This page lists forms used by specific departments and committees within the county, with a link to the corresponding entity involved.

Form Title:   Pages,
File Size:
  Department or

Animal Adoption Agreement 2 pages, 32 kB Animal Control
Application for Appointment to
Board, Commissions, and Agencies
  1 page, 52 kB   County Clerk
Betsie Valley Trailway Application for Special Event 1 page, 20 kB Betsie Valley Trailway
Management Council
Building Safety and Code Enforcement Applications       Building Safety
Business Registration Certificate
for DBA or Partnership
1 page, 16 kB County Clerk
Dissolution of Co-Partnership or
Assumed Business Name (DBA)
  1 page, 48 kB   County Clerk
Dog License Application   1 page, 28 kB   Treasurer
Employment Applications
  Government Center   2 pages, 44 kB   Administrator
    9-1-1 Central Dispatch   6 pages, 168 kB   9-1-1 Central Dispatch
  Sherrif's Office   6 pages, 116 kB   Sheriff's Office
Emergency Information Form   2 pages, 88 kB   9-1-1 Central Dispatch
Energy Code Prescriptive Compliance Worksheet   1 page, 40 kB   Building Safety
FOIA Request for Public Records   3 pages, 116 kB   Administrator
Homeowner's Principal Residence
Exemption Affidavit
2 pages, 60 kB Equalization
Land Bank Authority Residential
Property Interest Application
  2 pages, 484 kB   Land Bank Authority
Marriage Application   2 pages, 260 kB   County Clerk
MUEC Prescriptive Compliance
Approach Worksheet
  1 page, 36 kB   Building Safety
Rescind Homeowner's Principal
Residence Exemption Request
2 pages, 60 kB Equalization
Soil Erosion, Sedimentation, and
Stormwater Control (SESSC)
Permit Application
  3 pages, 136 kB   Building Safety
Vital Records Request Form 1 page, 60 kB County Clerk

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