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Emergency Management

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Contact Information Location / Address
Phone:    231-882-0567
Fax:          231-882-0568
e-mail: fpost@benzieco.net
 448 Court Place
Room 134
Beulah, MI 49617  
Frank Post – Emergency Management Coordinator

Frank Post selected by the Michigan Emergency Management Association
"Local Emergency Management Coordinator of the Year"
The role of Benzie County Emergency Management is to protect the lives and property of citizens before a disaster strikes through preparedness, training and mitigation, and to reduce human suffering after a disaster strikes through prompt and effective coordination of the County's response and recovery efforts utilizing the expertise and resources of federal, state, local agencies and voluntary relief organizations.

Statutory Authority
Pursuant to Rule 30.409 of P.A. 390, of 1976, as amended each county must appoint an emergency management coordinator. Further, a county or a municipality that has appointed an emergency management coordinator may, in accordance to Rule 30.410 of P.A 390, of 1976, as amended, establish through local legislation, an emergency management program that creates an emergency management organization to provide for disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities.

The status of an emergency management program permits the county or municipality to receive state and federal assistance for purposes such as reimbursement for disaster response, hazard mitigation, and emergency preparedness activities. It is recommended that emergency management programs maintain their status and abide by state and federal statutes in order to support and provide an emergency management capability for their communities.

The reference to both State of Michigan or federal emergency management regulations from which the standard is applicable to and their provisions that are cited with the standards in this document are:

Robert T. Stafford, Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, as amended – for the provision of federal preparedness and disaster assistance.Michigan Emergency Management Act P.A. 390 of 1976, as amended – for the appointment of a local emergency management coordinator; establishment of a local emergency management program; and provision of state assistance to counties and municipalities upon the declaration of a state of disaster or emergency.Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 – for the provision of hazard mitigation assistance.Homeland Security Act of 2002, authorizing the Homeland Security Presidential Directive/HSPD-5 – for the provision of federal preparedness assistance, through the adoption of the National Incident Management System. [Governor’s Executive Directive 2005-9 requires adoption of the National Incident Management System for the provision of federal preparedness assistance (through the State) to subgrantees]. Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950


Local Emergency Planning Committee and Local Planning Team Meetings

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Smart 911


Smart911 is a free, new service available in Benzie County to help you when you call 9-1-1.  Once you've signed up, first responders will be aware of important information you have provided that will help them address your emergency.  This information - including medical issues, current location and even pets - can help Police, Fire and EMS locate and help you.

- A Free Service - Provided to you by Benzie County Central Dispatch
- Private and Secure - You control your information
- Saves Time in an Emergency - When Seconds Count

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Emergency and Advisory Notifications

Benzie County Office of Emergency Management utilizes CodeRED to notify citizens of events and emergencies in the community.   CodeRED enables real-time, communication through text, email, voice messages, social media, and the CodeRED mobile app.

Sign up for emergency and advisory notifications in Benzie County by filling out the information below:

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For the Mobile App go click on the photo below.

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